Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper Review

Today’s review takes a look at the Avocado mattress topper, a green, eco-friendly latex latex topper coming from Avocado bed-in-a-box mattress company known for their organic latex mattress options such as the Avocado mattress that we have already reviewed. 

They have recently come up with a mattress topper that we will be reviewing here and that is deal for those looking for a better support and plusher comfort on the top of their mattress but can’t purchase a new mattress.

Avocado mattress topper

Avocado mattress topper

The Avocado mattress topper is all-natural and non-toxic, made entirely of the finest organic materials including Dunlop latex and New Zealand wool. It comes with great cooling features and you can get it at a more than a reasonable price. 

Read our review and find out how this mattress topper would work for you and whether it will be a good addition to your mattress. Last updated Aug 24, 2019 @ 8:19 pm

Construction & Materials

The Avocado mattress topper comes in different sizes and is shipped compressed in a box.

As soon as you unpack it, it will quickly spring back to its original shape as it is made of a natural latex that has a quick response to pressure.

You might notice a slight latex smell that is typical and totally normal for toppers and mattresses made entirely of all-natural and organic latex. Any smell that is present is non-toxic and will disappear shortly after you unpack the topper.

Avocado mattress topper is 2.75” tall and is made of organic cotton, New Zealand Joma wool, and Dunlop latex. It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified, which is the highest third-party emission standard, and which means that it is totally safe and doesn’t contain any toxins. Here is what’s inside exactly:

  • Joma wool top layer – The top layer of this mattress topper is actually built-in to the cover and is made from New Zealand Joma wool that acts as a natural fire barrier, wicks away moisture, and stays fresh. It is also naturally anti-mocrobial, resistant to dust mites and offers natural temperature control to keep you both cool and comfortable and warm whenever you need it. The wool is also GOTS and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified which means that the product is free from all harmful substances.
  • Comfort layer – This layer is made of a 100% natural Dunlop latex rubber foam, which is GOLS organic certified latex harvested from tree-tapped and sustainable sources. It is a high-performance, eco-friendly, resilient and durable material that comes with some extraordinary antimicrobial and temperature regulating features and exceeds any synthetic, blended or petroleum-based polyurethane foams.
    Avocado mattress topper construction

    Avocado mattress topper construction

The cover of the Avocado mattress topper is made of the extremely soft and luxurious 100% organic cotton that is also GOTS certified. The cover is breathable and allows the air to circulate freely through the topper to aid in cooling and keep your sleeping surface cool and comfortable.

It comes in an attractive natural color and features a natural cotton canvas bottom which prevents your topper from sliding off the bed and ensures that it always stays in place. 

Avocado mattress topper cover

Avocado mattress topper cover

The topper also has reinforced seams, while the bottom and top of it feature a hand-stitched green tape edge with a brass zipper which allows you to access the latex inside and make a subtle adjustment. 

As for keeping your Avocado mattress topper clean, the company recommends spot cleaning the cover only. Do not machine wash the cover or wash the internal natural latex core.

Firmness and Comfort

As we have already mentioned, toppers are meant to change the feel of your mattress, and how they will feel also depends on the beds you put them on. The same goes for this mattress topper.

The Avocado mattress topper generally comes in two firmness options: Plush and Firm. You can use the Plush version on the top of your standard mattress to turn it into a pillow-top mattress. It offers a soft, cloud-like feel and can soften any mattress to cushion to your body and relieve pressure points.

There is also a Firm option that can make your mattress more firm and provide more resilience and gentle support for your body.

The soft version is the best for those who are primarily side sleepers like we are, or those looking for a way to soften up a firm mattress. The firm version is far more supportive and is best for those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs and want more support and bounce.

We are primarily side sleepers and the Push version of the Avocado mattress topper worked perfectly for us. The latex conformed to our body curves and cushioned our hips and shoulders to relieve pressure points, while at the same time it provided enough support needed to keep our spines properly aligned.

Avocado mattress topper firmness and comfort

Avocado mattress topper firmness and comfort

The Avocado mattress topper is extremely comfortable, and it provides that bouncy responsive feel as well which facilitates changing positions and getting in and out of bed during the night and makes late night adult entertainment (sex) quite enjoyable.

The topper will lift you and distribute your body weight evenly across the bed. The responsive and bouncy nature of latex won’t cause you to sink too much into it and feel trapped in foam as it is often the case with lower quality memory foam mattress toppers.

As for motion transfer, there is a small amount of it with this mattress topper due to the bouncy nature of latex, but it is nothing too serious and won’t cause any sleep disruption.

Avocado mattress topper profile

Avocado mattress topper profile

Finally, this mattress topper sleeps incredibly cool due to the use of a natural Dunlop latex and New Zealand wool known for their natural cooling properties.

The latex layer is ventilated and works perfectly with a breathable cotton cover to allow the air to circulate freely through the topper and keep you cool and comfortable while the Joma New Zealand wool, which is quilted into the cover, has special thermoregulation properties.

It wicks away moisture and allows even greater airflow to both keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Price & Warranty

The Avocado mattress topper is very reasonably priced with the Plush version coming in at $449 for a Queen and the Firm version coming in at $449 for a Queen size as well. 

Twin XL$349$349
Cal King$549$549

Although these toppers may seem to be a bit highly priced, these are great prices for toppers of such a high quality and construction and all the comfort and luxuriousness that they offer. 

The toppers also come with a 10-year limited warranty which covers any manufacturer defects on them and a 365-night trial period which allows you to try out your mattress topper and if it is not right for you, they will arrange to pick it up for you and give you a full refund. 

The toppers come compressed in a plain box, are shipped for free via FedEx and usually arrive in about a week. 

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Is the Avocado Mattress Topper Right for You?

Buy the Avocado Mattress Topper if you like:

  • Latex feel – This topper is made entirely of the 100% natural Dunlop latex known for its cooling features, responsiveness and bounce. It will cushion your body to relieve pressure points but it won’t cause you to sink too much into it and feel trapped in foam. It offers excellent balance of comfort and support necessary for all sleeping positions and all types of sleepers.
  • Hypoallergenic materials – The entire mattress topper is made of hypoallergenic materials, which means that it will keep allergens at bay and make sure your sleeping surface will stay clean and cozy.
  • Sleeping cool – Thanks to the latex foam and organic wool used in the construction of this mattress topper, it sleeps incredibly cool. The latex is ventilated and naturally breathable, while the wool has thermoregulating properties and allows greater airflow through the topper and wicks away moisture. A breathable cotton cover also allows the air to circulate freely through the topper and aids in cooling.
  • Green mattress toppers – The Avocado mattress topper is made of all natural, organic materials and both the latex and wool are responsibly sourced, so if you want a green, eco-friendly mattress topper, then you won’t go wrong choosing the Avocado mattress topper.  



There are so many mattress toppers on the market these days that it may be hard for you to choose the right one, but if you are looking for an all-natural, organic and durable mattress topper that could work perfectly for all sleeping styles and all types of sleepers, then you should look no further from the Avocado mattress topper.

In an effort to create a mattress topper fit for everybody, Avocado did a great job. It is offered in two firmness options that can work for anyone and fit all types of sleepers with different needs and sleep preferences.

Besides being beautifully designed, it is also extremely comfortable. It provides a gentle pressure relief while having enough support needed to keep your spine properly aligned. 

In addition, the Avocado mattress topper sleeps incredibly cool due to the use of a breathable organic cotton cover, natural Dunlop latex and New Zealand wool known for its thermoregulating properties. 

All in all, the Avocado mattress topper is one of the best mattress toppers currently available on the online mattress market and it will be a perfect option for you if you are looking for an all-natural, eco-friendly and comfortable mattress topper.