Best Latex Mattress

With all the types of latex mattresses available on the market, you might wonder what one is the best among them all. Although there is no perfect model for everyone, there is always one such comfortable fit for each sleeper. Since t here are so many options to decide from when it comes to latex models, this guide will focus on the best ones that are available on the market that suits your needs and preferences.

100% Natural Latex Mattresses

1. Zenhaven

($1899 for a Queen size. Click here for the best price on a Zenhaven)

The Zenhaven is manufactured by Saatva, who also makes the Loom and Leaf memory foam model.  The Zenhaven is one of the highest rated latex models on the market as it is made up of 100% Talalay latex material at a price that is a fraction of other higher priced latex beds.

Saatva is known for their Loom and Leaf memory foam model and innerspring mattresses. Moreover, the company is highly regarded as the manufacturer of high-quality products at a fraction of the cost and ships these mattresses uncompressed to clients.

The Zenhaven is 10’’ thick and composed of 4 layers of 100% natural Talalay latex. It offers two different firmness levels in the same model with its unique flippable design. Sleepers can opt between the two firmness options on the same mattress just by flipping it over. It has the same cover and comfort layers on both sides which are called Luxury Plush and Gentle Firm.

  • The Gentle Firm side is the latex with the firmer feel which is around a 7-8 out of 10 (10 being firmest).
  • The Luxury Plush side is less firm compared to the Gentle Firm side which is around a 5-6 out of 10 (10 being firmest).

One unique feature of the Zenhaven is that it utilizes American sourced latex, unlike other US manufacturers who use imported latex. The less dense Talalay latex offers a sleep surface that is more supple and buoyant compared to the other method of latex production (Dunlop).

Excellent support is provided by the Zenhaven when it comes to providing support in all sleeping positions. The buoyant characteristic of Talalay latex gives support by offering pushback where necessary as well as it adjusts to the contours of the body when required:

  • It works good for side sleepers, offering adequate give in the top comfort layer to aid shoulders and hips.
  • In addition, it also provides firmness when a person switches to their stomachs and backs.

Health-conscious individuals will appreciate the various health benefits that natural Talalay latex offers compared to other materials. This hypoallergenic latex model is resistant to microbes, mold, and dust mites. It is not comprised of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals.

Zenhaven offers a 5-zone comfort system that offers different density zones on the same mattress. These different zones are designed below the shoulders and torso compared to other areas of the body by changing the size and distribution of the designed pinholes that were made during the process of manufacturing the latex.

The cover is comprised of 100% organic New Zealand wool that serves as a natural regulator of temperature. This is wrapped in an organic cotton cover that is soft and luxurious, enhancing the luxurious quality of the product.

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2. Spindle

($1349 for a Queen size. Click here and use our code: talk5 to save 5% on a Spindle)


The Spindle is quite an affordable product considering it is comprised of 100% natural latex. The high-quality latex and organic soft cotton cover with the wool are a great combination when it comes to mattresses.

Its uniqueness comes with a Do-It-Yourself type as a sleeper can assemble the shipped pieces. The Spindle is manufactured to be assembled at home and is shipped in various boxes. The 3’’ latex in three boxes is laid out in the unfolded cover and are laid out and adjusted depending on the firmness choices chosen and then zipped up.

This 10’’ Spindle is a 3-layered all natural model that can be adjusted in various ways to adjust the firmness. This natural Dunlop latex model has different firmness configurations when it comes to firmness options:

A circular knit fabric with 1” natural wood batting comprises the cover of the Spindle.

The sleeper’s weight is an important factor when it comes to the choice of the Spindle. It is designed where the two bottom layers of firmer latex are firmer, while a medium layer is on top. The Spindle offers more comfort compared to the comparable foam or spring mattresses with similar levels of firmness. This is brought about by the nature of the latex that was utilized in designing the mattress.

The Spindle does a great job at supporting heavier weight and people with large frames, which is not usually the case with other mattresses. Since latex is responsive and bouncy, it makes a comfortable sleeping surface, especially when it comes couple-time activities. Enhanced support is provided for all sleeping positions:

Sleeping cool is another advantage of the Spindle since latex does not contribute to sleeping hot as it does not absorb heat like foam.  The 100% latex Spindle is a better option when it comes to cooling compared to other various forms of foam, hybrid mattresses, as well as latex hybrid models.

There is no off-gassing with the Spindle as it is a 100% latex model. However, the smell of latex stays on the hands after assembling the mattress. The good news is that the mattress does not have any significant smell due to being 100% all natural latex.

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Latex Hybrid Mattress

3. Freedom Sleep

($599 for a Queen size. Click here and save $50 with code MFT)


The Freedom Sleep is manufactured in the USA and one of the newest additions in the latex industry. One of its major aims is to create a comfortable model at a very affordable price in order to appeal to the majority of sleepers.

The Freedom Sleep comes with the “universal comfort” firmness choice, which is around a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmest).  Even though there is no one size fits all, the great news is that the Freedom Sleep offers great support for varying weights and firmness preferences, which is great for couples.

Light and heavy weight sleepers are supported well by the Freedom Sleep:

  • Lighter sleepers do not sink through the layers as the buoyant Avena latex foam supports these sleepers.
  • Heavy sleepers might find problems with cheaper mattresses as they sink down through these comfort layers and thus feel firmer and denser support layers. This sinkage issue is due to having made up of less dense foundation layers. This is not the case with the Freedom Sleep as it supports sleepers who are on the heavy side.

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4. GhostBed 

($750 for a Queen size. Follow this Memory Foam Talk Coupon link and receive $50 off the GhostBed)


The GhostBed is a hybrid of latex and memory foam crafted to provide the balanced feel that most sleepers will benefit. The foam underneath conforms and molds to your body’s curves while the responsive latex providing pushback, allowing sleepers to feel like they’re sleeping on top of the mattress instead of in it.

The GhostBed is unique with its structure compared to most foam mattresses as it gives an enhanced deep compression support for sleepers by adding half an inch to their comfort foams.

  • The comfort foam has a total thickness of 3.5”. The top layer that serves as cooling and comfort is comprised of aerated latex foam that is 1.5” thick. This is crafted to give a great feel, bounce, and cooling. Moreover, sleepers benefit from this layer as it alleviates pressure points.
  • The middle layer that serves as support is comprised of a gel memory foam that is 2” thick. Sleepers find that this layer gives deep compression support, pressure relief, and support for sleepers. It is less bouncy than the top layer. Moreover, this layer prevents retention of heat by adding an infused gel.
  • The bottom layer serves as the foundation. It is comprised of a high-density support foam that is 7.5” thick. It serves as the foundation for the foam layers on top of it.

The top cover of the GhostBed is stretchy and plush as it is made of 100% polyester. Polyester is elastic in that it permits the GhostBed to return to its original shape. Polyester and polypropylene comprise the GhostBed’s side panels, allowing it to have sturdy side panels.

The GhostBed comes in only one “universal firmness option”, which is around a 7 out of 10 (10 being the firmest). It does a good job balancing the different firmness preferences amongst couples. We feel like it is a bit firmer compared to mattresses from the same category.

Even though the GhostBed falls on the firmer side for a heavier sleeper like me (230lbs), it supports my heavy weight better than other competing mattresses. This is thanks to the lower foam and gel layers.

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5. Avocado

($1399 for a Queen size.Click here for the best price on an Avocado )


The Avocado is designed in New Jersey and is handmade in California. The luxury latex and coil hybrid model is designed to give the consumer a mattress that is organic, natural, and non-toxic. It does not use dangerous pesticides, toxic flame retardants, and there is no petroleum-based polyurethane foam.

The Avocado comes in only 1 firmness option which is a 6 out of 10, 10 being the firmest.

The first thing you notice upon lying down on the Avocado is the “floating on top” sensation, provided by the combination of latex and inner springs used in the construction. People who love the hug and contour of memory foam might not find the Avocado an ideal option. However, the significant degree of bounce the mattress offers is actually great for couples’ late night activities.

Sleepers find that the durable cover textile guarantees that the mattress layers are in place. This is done because of the wool yarn rosettes that guarantees the cotton ticking not to move even without having chemical adhesives. The yarn’s end of the anchors is secured if it is flipped upside down. The Avocado also offers durability as it does not allow bumps and lumps with its knit that is four-way and a poly-blend.

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