Tuck Mattress Review

This Tuck mattress review gives our opinion of this innovative hybrid mattress which utilizes an online questionnaire to customize the design and construction of your new bed for a completely customized mattress.

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Tuck dismisses the concept of “universal comfort” or pre-set firmness options and uses a sleep questionnaire to customize the mattress to you and your partner’s specific sleep preferences.

Tuck mattress, queen size

As our readers know, this is a great thing for couples as it helps ensure that the mattress meets both individual and sleeping partner needs for a better nights sleep.  This makes fighting over choosing the right mattress as a couple a thing of the past with the Tuck mattress.

Please read more of our Tuck mattress review to see what we think of this exciting innovative mattress that is on the market today!

Construction and Materials

The Tuck mattress is a 11″ hybrid mattress made up of latex, micro-coils, pocketed coils and copper-gel infused memory foam. The construction of the mattress varies based on the preferences entered on an online questionnaire that is utilized to configure the mattress before it is built.

The Tuck mattress consists of the following layers, which are custom configured via the sleep quiz you take on their site to achieve the proper degree of customization for your sleep preferences.

  • Copper-Gel Infused Memory Foam– Small pieces of copper are embedded into a cooling gel memory foam with a density of 3.5 lb and an IFD of 5-15
  • Dunlop Latex – with a density of 3.0 lb and an IFD of 6.5-15.5
  • Micro-Coils – 1,386 coils, individually encased in fabric
  • Pocketed Coils – 1,037 six-inch coils.  Edge to edge.
  • Transition Foams  – 1.8 lb with an IFD of 22-38
  • Base Foam – density of 1.8 lb with an IFD of 41-62


Tuck mattress cover

The cover of the Tuck mattress is made up of rayon and polyester, with a built in cooling agent and infused with Repreve – a yarn that is made of recycled water bottles.

Firmness & Support

The Tuck mattress is unique in that there is no pre-set level of firmness that can be evaluated based on pre-set factory construction of the mattress.

The concept behind the Tuck mattress is to do exactly the opposite – provide customized firmness and support for each sleeper, not only in one bed – but in one bed with different values for each side.

On average, we would say this results in a firmness of between 5-7 depending on how you customized the Tuck.

We are big fans of individual customization, which is something that we have seen with the Helix, another popular dual comfort hybrid mattress.

With the Tuck questionnaire output, they can either build out two individual mattresses then fuse them together to create one, or takes the output from the questionnaire and design a mattress blending both sleeper preferences into one mattress.

As part of our Tuck review, we filled out the questionnaire that asks for each of our individual height, weight, body type, sleep preferences, cooling preferences, firmness preferences, medical issues, and other specific information to design the mattress.

Tuck mattress quetionnaire

We chose to incorporate these preferences into one mattress instead of having separate sides.

Once the design and manufacturing is complete, the mattress then is delivered with the individual firmness, support, and comfort preferences that were defined in the questionnaire to your doorstep.

Tuck mattress corner view

Again, this is something we really love – the ability to combine individual firmness and comfort preferences in one bed – which is our (and many couples) main point of disagreement with a mattress.

Our review of the Tuck mattress really was something we looked forward to doing, and the good things we heard about it did not disappoint us.   The Tuck did a great job providing us with the individual firmness and support needs that each of us enjoy, in the same bed!

The Tuck provided us with a mattress that is firm enough for our individual tastes (we are around a medium preference for Kaye, and softer for Andrew), and also provides the support we need.

We felt the Tuck is great for our preferred sleeping style, side sleeping, as well as back and stomach as well.


We really like the customized Tuck mattress that was built for us. The results of the sleep questionnaire resulted in a bed that meets both of our sleeping needs, is comfortable for both of us, and really provides us great sleep.

The hybrid design of latex, coils, and copper-gel infused foam provides us with the bounce and responsiveness we like as well as some hug from the memory foam.

Tuck corner close up

This customized combination of materials all work well together to provide both of us a comfortable bed for each of our individual needs.

The innovative individual mattress construction that we chose allows us to each have the different comfort levels that we prefer in the same bed, which is important for us as couples sharing a mattress.

All this results in a very comfortable mattress that meets our specific sleep needs.

Sleeping Hot

Since we often sleep hot here in Texas, we require a mattress that sleeps cool and doesn’t make us wake up hot and sticky.

The combination of latex, copper-gel infused memory foam, and coil construction does a very effective job at minimizing heat buildup during the night compared to mattresses with top layers of memory foam or other materials.

Coils by design provide better airflow and hybrid mattresses are often much cooler than all foam or latex mattresses, which the Tuck accomplishes.

We did not feel hot at all during our sleeping test of the Tuck mattress. 

Sinkage & Motion Transfer

The Tuck mattress varies in terms of the amount of sinkage and motion transfer, depending on how you configure it.   As our mattress was customized with my heavier weight (230lbs) as well as Kaye’s lighter weight (115), our Tuck provided excellent support and minimal sinkage.

I do compress the bed down to a decent degree, but the thicker coil configuration of the mattress ensures that it supports my weight when sleeping.

Tuck mattress profile

Edge support is good, again dependent on the side, with varying results based on what your mattress is designed to support.  Hard to provide a specific answer here as this varies on what you enter.

Motion transfer is rather good (as in minimal) with the Tuck, as in our case the blended mattress uses different material construction on each side which largely isolated movement between us.

For the most part, neither Kaye nor myself felt any disruption in our sleep or shaking of the mattress when each other changed positions or got in or out of bed during the night.

Smell / Off-Gassing

The Tuck mattress that we reviewed gets high marks in this category for not having a noticeable smell upon opening the box.

The hybrid latex and micro coil design with a smaller amount of foam makes a difference with the amount of off-gassing. We experienced some, but it largely dissipated over the first few nights.

Customer Service

Tuck provides about the standard amount of customer service you can expect in a “Bed In A Box” online mattress retailer  This includes:

  • 145 Night Sleep Trial
  • 11 Year, 1 month, 1 day Warranty
  • Made in America
  • Free Shipping
  • Money back guarantee

Tuck Mattress Price

The Tuck mattress is very attractively priced for the customization and quality materials that you get upon purchase, coming in at $990 for a queen mattress.

Twin XL$725
Cal King$1200


The Tuck mattress is a very innovative and high quality hybrid mattress that is different than pretty much every other “Bed-In-A-Box” offering on the market.

By utilizing the individual sleeper answers to an online questionnaire, Tuck configures and manufactures a mattress that is customized to each sleeper in the same bed – a must for couples of varying weight and sleep preferences.

This customization and individuality makes the Tuck mattress one of our top picks for couples for this reason alone, and something that almost every other mattress on the market has trouble matching.

The additional high marks for comfort, minimal sinkage and motion transfer, low heat retention, minimal off-gassing, and an affordable price, also contribute to this mattress being one of our favorites.

If you sleep with a partner and disagree on firmness or comfort preferences, we highly recommend you take a good look at the Tuck mattress for a more harmonious sleeping environment.

We hope that our Tuck mattress review helps you make a decision, and again – it is one of our favorite mattresses for couples!



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                  • Quality materials
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