REM-Fit Sleep 500 Mattress Review

This REM-Fit Sleep 500 mattress review highlights this hybrid coil/foam mattress that is designed to offer the best of both worlds – innerspring and foam materials.

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The REM-Fit Sleep 500 is a high quality spring/foam hybrid mattress that was designed to provide the best of these technologies in one mattress at a good price.

REM-Fit Sleep 500 mattress, queen size

Stay tuned and please read our REM-Fit Sleep 500 mattress review to find out what we think about this mattress!

Construction and Materials

The REM-Fit Sleep 500 mattress is a thick 12″ hybrid innerspring and foam hybrid mattress made up of 5 layers of foam and springs.

  • .7″ Top Cooling Layer – This layer is .7″ of Adaptive foam that is infused with gel that disperses heat and aids in temperature regulation.
  • 2″ Top Comfort Layer – This layer is 2″ of Cradle foam for comfort and body hug.
  • 1″ Transition Layer – This layer is 1″ of Transition foam which provides a layer between the top layers and the coils below, providing support and motion isolation.
  • 6.3″ Support Layer – pocketed coil layer which provides support and weight distribution and aids in cooling as well as responsiveness
  • 2″ Support Foam Layer – the final bottom layer of  support foam that acts as the foundation for the above layers and helps keep the mattress shape.

Wrapping all of this up is a SUPER luxurious cover made from Nordic Chill material, which is a temperature regulating material, a  fiber that is wicks away moisture and helps dissipate heat.

REM-Fit Sleep 500 mattress cover with Nordic Chill

Firmness & Support

The REM-Fit Sleep 500 mattress only comes in one firmness option, which we rate it at a 7 out of 10 (10 being the firmest).

The REM-Fit Sleep 500 mattress feels very supportive and handles my weight with ease, which is usually a problem with many mattresses for me.

REM-Fit 500 corner view

I am significantly heavier than Kaye,  and many of the 10″ mattresses on the market sink under my 230lb weight. Not the REM-Fit Sleep 500, which at 12″ has the thickness needed to support my heavy weight and not sag or prevent from supporting my individual weight and our weight as a couple.

Initially I felt the mattress was firmer than normal, but over time my body adapted to the firmness and the sensation of sleeping “on top” of the mattress compared to “down in it”.

The top foam layers provide enough give while the springs beneath do a great job at providing overall body support.

In terms of support, the REM-Fit 500 does a good job of providing excellent support in all sleeping positions.

We are primarily side sleepers, we like mattresses that provide enough give in the top comfort layer to support our shoulders and hips, while also having the firmness if we switch to our stomachs and backs.


The REM-Fit Sleep 500 mattress is quite comfortable with the top layers of foam providing a supple sleeping surface, while the springs beneath do the heavy lifting (in my case!)

As this is a spring / foam hybrid, you don’t sink down in it as much as traditional memory foam, so you sleep more “on top” of the mattress compared to “down in” it.  Depending on your preference, this may be what you like or not, but this is all personal preference.

Because it is a innerspring at its core, the bounce and responsiveness is great for couples who like “a little bounce in the bedroom” 😉

Overall, the hybrid design is very comfortable and a higher level of quality than many other hybrids we have tested.

Sleeping Hot

The REM-Fit Sleep 500 does a good job at not sleeping hot due to the materials and construction used.  

The combination of the gel infused foam top layer with the inner coils all combined to keep the bed cool during the night. In addition, the Nordic Chill exterior provides temperature regulating material which feels cool to the touch and helped make the mattress feel much cooler.

Compared to traditional foam or latex mattresses, this is a big difference and something the hybrid design does a great job handling.

Sinkage & Motion Transfer

The REM-Fit Sleep 500 does an excellent job with sinkage and motion transfer, especially compared to most mattresses we have reviewed. As we always preach, sinkage (and motion transfer) is largely weight dependent. In addition the mattress design plays a part in this.

The fact that I weigh around 230lbs tends to have a rather large bearing on the degree of sinkage I experience when sitting and lying on a mattress.

REM-Fit Sleep 500 profile

The REM-Fit 500, at 12″ and made of durable pocketed coil springs and layers of foam, handles sinkage exceptionally well. I did not feel any of the usual sinkage I do with many mattresses with my weight.

Edge support is also very good with this mattress, and  better than most mattresses we have reviewed. I slept near the edge at time to test this and did not experience any of the “rolling off” the edges or having them become compressed under my weight.

This is largely due to the 12″ hybrid coil construction as well as the layers of  foam used in the mattress.

Motion transfer was a little bit more than most of the foam mattresses we have reviewed, as again – the springs provide more bounce which transfers motion. However, it wasn’t very bad and to be expected with a hybrid mattress.

Smell / Off-Gassing

The REM-Fit 500 had a moderate amount of smell / off-gassing.  This is to be expected for a mostly foam mattress but it dissipated within a day or two.

Customer Service

REM-Fit offers the standard “Bed in a Box” levels of customer service, which include:

REM-Fit Mattress Price

The REM-Fit Sleep 500 is priced very reasonably given the materials used in the construction of the mattress, coming in at $1099 for a Queen.  Plus you can save $100 using our code MFT100 on the site!

Size Price
Twin XL $749
Queen $1099
King $1299


The REM-Fit Sleep 500 is a very unique and exceptional hybrid spring/foam mattress and one of our favorites of this type.

The hybrid design provides good comfort and support for all sleeping positions, and also provides good bounce as well.  The REM-Fit Sleep 500 is a great mattress for heavier sleepers due to its thick 15″ construction and multi-layer support.

There is a some motion transfer, but that it to be expected due to the innerspring construction. Low sinkage and great edge support also add to the high marks.

The mattress sleeps cool overall, and provides a comfortable sleeping environment for individuals as well as couples.

We really like the REM-Fit Sleep 500 overall and it is one of the better coil/foam hybrid mattresses that we have tested to date and at a good price.

We hope our REM-Fit Sleep 500 mattress review helps you make your next mattress purchase decision!

REM-Fit Sleep 500 Mattress

REM-Fit Sleep 500 Mattress

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