GhostBed Review

Our GhostBed mattress review highlights this recent entrant into the online memory foam mattress market. GhostBed has set its sights squarely on taking out Casper the other ghost and many other popular mattresses on the market toady.

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The GhostBed squares off in this battle with a hybrid latex and memory foam mattress similar to Casper and Leesa but better in many different ways. Read our GhostBed review for more!

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The GhostBed mattress is a product of a veteran company in the industry, Nature’s Sleep. The founders of GhostBed and Nature’s Sleep have been crafting quality mattresses, toppers, and bedding for over 35 years so they know a thing or two about constructing quality mattresses.

The GhostBed is a thick 11″ mattress built from a combination of latex and memory foam with a universal comfort model that is designed to appeal to a wide majority of sleepers.

There is definitely room for a better bed to take Casper’s place and the GhostBed steps up to the challenge rather well we feel.

They also offer a matching foundation to compliment the mattress for only $225, an adjustable base, and even a premium mattress the GhostBed Luxe as well.  (Review updated Jan 12, 2019 @ 10:27 pm)

Construction and Materials

TheGhostBed  is a 11″ thick memory foam and latex hybrid mattress with a nice thick 3.5″ top comfort layer and a 7.5″ high density support foam base foundation.

  • 1.5″ Top cooling & comfort layer – This layer is made of of 1.5″ aerated latex foam, which is designed to provide cooling and overall bounce. It also is designed to provide comfort and instant responsiveness.
  • 2″ Middle support layer – This layer is made of 2″ layer of gel memory foam designed to provide support and pressure relief. It is less responsive than the top layer and acts as the core support layer. The gel also helps with heat dissipation and to provide cooling.
  • 7.5″ Bottom foundation layer – This layer is made of 7.5″ layer of high density support foam and essentially acts as the foundation for the above foam layers.
GhostBed layers

GhostBed mattress layers

The GhostBed mattress has a 100% polyester cover with a unique dimpled cover pattern that is very stretchy and plush. You can feel the top dimples through the sheets and it felt somewhat massaging in a sense to us. The cover is very soft and thin and helps improve airflow and cooling.

The overall shape of the bed is square which lends to good edge support and no top roll-off like some mattresses with thick comfort layers or foam covers.

ghost cover 1000

GhostBed cover

Overall, theGhostBed  has very high quality materials and construction and feels much better engineered and built than similar latex hybrids such as Casper, Purple, and Leesa.

Firmness & Support

The GhostBed is designed to appeal to a large number of sleepers with the universal comfort firmness option, which works well in some cases but not necessarily for everyone as this is generally impossible to do. The mattress does its best to pull this off but may not appeal to everyone.

The mattress feels firmer than many competing mattresses in this category. We felt it was around a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 being firmest).

The combination of latex and memory foam provide responsiveness and support by means of the latex initially providing some pushback and preventing you from sinking into foam, while the foam beneath it then adapts to your weight and contours to the body.

ghost7 1000

GhostBed mattress

As a heavier sleeper, at 230lbs, I felt theGhostBed  was on the firmer side but still offers better support than competing mattresses. With the Casper and Leesa, as well as the Purple, my weight sinks through the comfort layers and I often would even bottom out and feel the foundation of our bed.

With the GhostBed, however, my weight was supported better with the lower foam and gel layers that didn’t totally collapse with my weight when lying and sitting on the mattress.

This was not the same experience for Kaye, however, who is half my size and who felt it supported her without sinking all the way through as it did me. This is highly weight dependent and something to take into consideration.

Support was good with the GhostBed, however, due to the thick 11″ design. I did not feel pressure points in my shoulders or hips when sleeping on my side due to compressing through the comfort layers like with competing mattresses. Kaye likes firm mattresses and felt the top layer was comfortable and supportive.

Again, universal comfort is not for everyone and especially couples with different firmness preferences but the GhostBed does a good job of balancing this.


The GhostBed has a very soft and comfortable exterior and when you lie down on it the latex and gel foam layers work together to provide a balanced feel in most sleeping positions. As the top layer is latex, it doesn’t hug or envelop you into foam like all memory foam mattresses, but this is by design.

The cover provides a very enjoyable feel through the sheets, and the mattress adapted to our bodies as time went on. As a side sleeper, we did not feel the discomfort from the firmness of the mattress like we do with other firmer ones or ones that collapse under weight.

Sleeping Hot

The GhostBed did not sleep hot to us, which as a couple is a very important consideration. The thin breathable cover combined with the 1.5″ of aerated latex foam and 2″ of gel memory foam beneath it work together to keep heat from being trapped beneath your body and the mattress.

There was no noticeable heat buildup or stickiness that is a common complaint with many memory foam mattresses historically.

Sinkage and Motion Transfer

Sinkage is very dependent on your weight. Many memory foam and hybrid mattresses suffer from sinkage while sitting near the edge but less so when lying down.

TheGhostBeddoes very well in this area, with minimal sinkage even when sitting close to the edge even for me weighing 230 lbs. Edge support is very good with this bed.


GhostBed profile

This is largely a result of the thick dense support layer and overall firmness of the mattress. The latex top layer provides support and resistance as well compared to other memory foam mattresses with plusher top layers.

As for motion transfer, we did not encounter very much of this while sleeping together on the GhostBed. There was minimal sinkage towards me by Kaye or “rolling in” to my heavier side which has been a problem with many memory foam mattresses for us.

The responsiveness of the latex layer focused movement in a small area and did not transmit through the entire bed when one of us got in or out of the bed, which was good.

Smell / Off-Gassing

The GhostBed  did not have very much odor upon unboxing, and any that was present dissipated within a few hours. We unboxed and were able to sleep on it the first night without having to let it off-gas unpleasant odors which is a great thing.

Customer Service

GhostBed provides many of the same type customer service aspects as many other online “Bed in A Box” mattress retailers. This includes:

  • 101 Night Sleep trial
  • Free Shipping – ships fast usually within 24 hours
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • American Made
  • No questions asked 100% return


TheGhostBedis very reasonably priced for the quality it delivers. Follow this Memory Foam Talk Coupon link and receive $100 off the GhostBed as well as receive 2 pillows (all together, a $270 value). The matching foundation sells for $225 and is a great compliment to the mattress.

Twin XL$600
Cal King$875

Additionally, if you need the flexibility of credit, you can take advantage of GhostBed’s 12 month 0% financing.


The GhostBed does a great job at providing a universal comfort mattress at a great price with superior materials and design compared to similar mattresses in the space, most notably Casper. By focusing towards the firmer side but utilizing materials that soften up as the body adapts to them, the GhostBedappeals to a wide number of sleepers.

The thick 11″ mattress provides good comfort and support and sleeps cool via the cooling technologies designed into the mattress and is a good choice for those who like the feel and responsiveness of latex combined with the support and contour of memory foam.

The optional matching foundation is also a nice compliment to the mattress, and both can be purchased for under $1000 for a Queen.

We hope this review of the GhostBed helps you out in your next mattress purchase decision! Happy Sleeping!



Construction / Materials


Firmness & Support




Sleeping Hot


Sinkage & Motion Transfer


Smell / Off-Gassing


Customer Service





  • Quality Materials
  • Sleeps Cool
  • Great Price
  • Warranty / Support

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