Avocado Mattress Review

Our Avocado mattress review highlights this new luxury latex and coil hybrid mattress that uses eco-friendly and green materials in its construction. The Avocado mattress promises to deliver luxurious sleep by using only the finest materials at a good price.

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The Avocado mattress is made of eco-friendly materials and has good support from the pocketed coil foundation layer, while the latex top layer provides more of a sensation of floating.
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Avocado mattress, queen size

Avocado mattress, queen size

Unlike other many mattress and bed-in-a-box companies the Avocado mattress is handcrafted in the USA without petroleum-based polyurethane foam, without toxic flame retardants, without dangerous pesticides, and without risk from volatile chemicals and gasses.

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Read our Avocado mattress review to see what we think about this new luxury hybrid mattress that just hit the market!  Review updated Mar 1, 2020 @ 12:39 am

Is the Avocado Mattress Right for You?

Buy the Avocado Mattress if you like:

  • Eco-friendly materials – The Avocado mattress is made of eco-friendly materials without petroleum-based polyurethane foam, toxic flame retardants, dangerous pesticides, and without risk from volatile chemicals and gasses.
  • Supportive and comfortable mattress – The mattress provides a good support from the pocketed coil foundation layer, while the latex top layer provides more of a comfort and sensation of floating.
  • Mattress with bounce – The combination of latex and innerspring coils used in the mattress construction creates a pretty large degree of bounce.

You might not like the Avocado Mattress if:

  • You don’t like the feeling of sleeping on top of a mattress – The Avocado mattress is a latex/coil hybrid which provides the feel of sleeping on top of a mattress rather than inside it, so, if you prefer mattresses with a softer feel that will hug and mold to your body, then this mattress may not be the right pick for you.
  • You don’t like the bounce and responsiveness of hybrid mattresses – As we have already mentioned the Avocado is a latex/coil hybrid which makes it have a lot more bounce than other memory foam/coil hybrids or all foam mattresses. If you don’t like bouncy mattresses that are likely to cause a little motion transfer, the Avocado may not be the best choice for you.

Construction and Materials

The Avocado mattress is an 11″ natural latex and pocketed coil hybrid mattress made up of 3 layers and available with or without an additional pillow-top option.

  • 2″ Comfort Layer – This layer is 2″ of softer natural Dunlop latex designed to provide comfort and responsiveness to the mattress.
  • 1″ Transition Layer – This layer is 1″ of firmer Dunlop latex which provides support and transition between the upper comfort layer and the coil support layer.
  • 8″ Foundation Layer – This layer is 8″ of pocketed innerspring coils (up to 1303 in the largest mattress) that provides the underlying support to the mattress. The mattress is zoned for comfort with 3 distinct areas to provide support where it is needed the most.

The cover of the Avocado mattress is made up of a organic cotton and Joma New Zealand wool that has hand tufted rosettes embedded within the mattress. The cover is designed to provide cooling and airflow to the mattress and provides a very high quality, luxurious feel.

Avocado mattress cover

Avocado mattress cover

In addition to the organic cover and tufted buttons, the Avocado has hand-sewn upholstered handles on its sides which helps with moving or rotating the mattress. The overall fit and finish is exceptional and really adds to the luxurious feel to the mattress.

This in-depth review of the Avocado mattress evaluates all of the criteria we use to determine what constitutes a good mattress, which includes firmness / support, comfort, sleeping hot, and other features as outlined below.

Firmness & Support

The Avocado mattress comes in one firmness option, which we rate at a 6 out of 10 (10 being the firmest).

The Avocado mattress provides good support from the pocketed coil foundation layer, with the latex top layer provides more of a sensation of floating on top of the mattress compared to “sinking down in it” like memory foam.

There is a pretty large degree of bounce to the mattress, from the combination of latex and innerspring coils used in the mattress construction.

Avocado mattress corner view

Avocado mattress corner view

Personally, both myself and Kaye feel that latex is a lot firmer of a feel overall compared to memory foam, and doesn’t provide the hug or contour that we enjoy. This is a personal preference, and usually only rather soft latex layers are what we enjoy.

The Avocado uses two different latex layers, a soft in the comfort layer and firmer transition layer, which helps make the mattress more comfortable when combined with the luxurious organic cotton and wool cover.

In terms of support, the Avocado mattress differs with many other latex mattresses (or latex hybrid mattresses) in that it does provide sufficient contour and “give” when sleeping on your side. Often latex mattresses are much firmer and aren’t as comfortable for side sleeping we have found.

Since Kaye and myself are primarily side sleepers, we like mattresses that provide enough give in the top comfort layer to support our shoulders and hips, while also having the firmness if we switch to being back sleepers and/or stomach sleepers.

This mattress is good for all sleeping styles, and was comfortable when sleeping on our back, stomach, and side as mentioned.


The Avocado mattress is a rather comfortable mattress, from the luxurious materials used in its construction to the bounce and response of the latex and coil construction.

The Avocado initially feels rather firm and not as cushioned as we are used to. However, this is due to the properties of a latex type feel, “sleeping on top of”, vs memory foam “sleeping more in” the mattress.

Once we slept on the Avocado mattress for an extended amount of time, our bodies adapted to the mattress and it became a lot more comfortable. This is common with new mattresses, as you need to allow it to adapt to your body and vice versa.

Avocado close up view

Avocado close up view

The coil base foundation does a great job at supporting my heavier individual weight (at 230lbs) as well as our combined weight as a couple when sleeping.

The top comfort layers of the Avocado mattress do a good job at providing body hug and some contour, while having the expected bounce and response that latex and coils are known for.

The Avocado mattress is comfortable if you like a lot of bounce and responsiveness, as the combined coil foundation and latex top layers really provide a high degree of pushback and response. This makes it great for late night couple’s fun if you know what we mean 😉 (A great mattress for sex!)

Sleeping Hot

The Avocado mattress doesn’t have a large degree of cooling technology outside of the organic cotton and wool cover and latex layers, and the inherent air circulation that innerspring coils offer.

As such, we felt a moderate amount of heat retention from the mattress when sleeping at times. It wasn’t unreasonably hot, but our combined body heat did make the mattress a little warm at times.

HOWEVER, we do live in Texas, so this is common for us we have found, and the heat sleeping on the Avocado mattress was much less than most of the all foam mattresses we have tested.

Sinkage & Motion Transfer

This all natural mattress does a great job by having minimal sinkage, especially compared to most all foam mattresses we have reviewed.

As we always preach, sinkage (and motion transfer) is largely weight dependent, and depending on your individual weight or combined weight as a couple this is often an issue with many mattresses.

The fact that I weigh around 230lbs tends to have a rather large bearing on the degree of sinkage I experience when sitting and lying on a mattress. Kaye, who is half my weight, experiences much less sinkage than I do, but again this is to be expected due to her much lighter weight.

Avocado profile

Avocado profile

The latex and coil construction does a good job of providing the support and pushback that minimizes sinkage.

Edge support isn’t bad with this mattress, but I did tend to compress the springs to a large degree when sitting on the edge due to my heavy weight.

However, when sleeping near the edge I did not experience the “rolling off” of the mattress that is commonly a problem with mattresses with inadequate edge support.

Motion transfer is higher than most mattresses we have reviewed, as the coils and latex provide a pretty large degree of bounce and responsiveness.

This was much more significant to me as my heavier weight caused the bed to bounce quite a bit when getting in and out of the bed as well as when moving during the night.

My heavier weight caused the mattress to move more so than usual which Kaye isn’t a fan of during the night, but that is more a function of the design than anything specific about the mattress. Coil and latex by design will do this compared to say, memory foam mattresses which have less bounce and response.

Smell / Off-Gassing

The Avocado mattress gets high marks in this category for not having a noticeable smell upon opening the box. This is a result of the there not being any foam in the construction, and just coils and the Dunlop latex. Not to mention the organic design and build of the mattress, which purposely does not have the harsh chemicals or VOCs that contribute to noxious chemical smelling fumes.

Customer Service

Avocado Mattress offers many of the same features as other online mattress retailers, such as:

  • 100 night Trial period
  • 10 year Warranty
  • Free Shipping, $99 white glove delivery option
  • 100% money back guarantee for Returns / Refunds
  • American made
  • All organic, natural materials and construction.
  • Save $150 on an Avocado by clicking here

In addition to the standard free shipping, the company will also deliver the mattress via a delivery service and install it in your house. This adds $99 to the cost and extended delivery time, but may be something that you prefer.

We had our Avocado mattress delivered uncompressed to our door and installed in our bedroom which was a nice touch and something mattress companies offer we have found with the over 50+ beds we have reviewed to date.


The Avocado mattress is priced higher than many of the mattresses we have tested, but this is also a function of the premium materials used in the construction of the mattress which sets them apart from run of the mill, “bed in a box” mattresses.

Coming in at $1399 for a Queen, it is a little pricier than foam mattresses but less than all latex mattresses in general. For an all organic, high quality mattress this is a great price and surprisingly lower than expected given the very luxurious materials used.

Twin XL$999
Cal King$1599
Get the Avocado Mattress
The Avocado mattress is made of eco-friendly materials and has good support from the pocketed coil foundation layer, while the latex top layer provides more of a sensation of floating.
Save $150 on the purchase of an Avocado mattress. Go to site for latest discount.


The Avocado mattress is a unique mattress that combines innerspring pocketed coils with a top layer of Dunlop latex and a soft organic wool cover.

This combination provides a high degree of bounce and responsiveness and is something that sleepers who enjoy this feel of latex with the lower foundation of a spring mattress will really like.

The use of all natural and organic materials in the construction of the Avocado is something that sets it apart from almost all other mattresses. The fit and finish adds a real luxurious feel to the mattress, with from the hand-tufted rosettes on the cover to the embroidered handles on the side.

The mattress did feel like it slept a little hot for us at times, as there isn’t a large degree of cooling technology outside of the wool used and the cooling properties of latex itself – however, we do live in Texas where it is just hot pretty much all the time!

There was more motion transfer due to the design use of latex and innerspring technologies, but this is to be expected and a feature of the design itself.

Overall, the Avocado mattress combines very high quality organic materials to deliver a supportive yet very comfortable mattress. The mattress does provide good support for heavier sleepers and is a good choice for those looking for the best of both worlds – natural latex and innerspring coils.

We hope this Avocado mattress review helps you make a decision on your next mattress purchase!



Construction / Materials


Firmness & Support




Sleeping Hot


Sinkage & Motion Transfer


Smell / Off-Gassing


Customer Service





  • All natural materials
  • Very luxurious
  • Great support


  • Some motion transfer


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