Best Mattresses For Health


At Memory Foam Talk we took some time to compile the best mattresses for certain conditions you may be having issues with that the proper mattress may help alleviate.

Our top recommendations are displayed with more information on each specific health condition as well as the entire list of recommended mattresses for that condition within the article itself.

Best Mattress for Sleep Apnea

($800 for a Queen mattress. Click here to save $50 on a Lull)

Around 40% of Americans suffer from sleep apnea. This does not just affect the person with sleep apnea but the people they share the bed with because of frequently interrupted sleep.

The Lull is made of high quality memory foam layers which ensure consistency in comfort, elevation, and body contouring as the foam conforms to your body shape and movement with precision, all of which make it one of the best mattresses for those suffering from sleep apnea.

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Best Mattress for Insomnia

($795 for a Queen mattress, save $125 by clicking here and entering code MFT125 on a Nectar  )

Sleep, which is supposed to be instinctive and a normal process for human beings to rest and recover, is now becoming a rare commodity for some people. The “always on” economy and myriad technology devices that promote 24/7 work and play has created a problem for many, who cannot fall asleep and thus become obsessed with trying to go to sleep.

Having a mattress like Nectar that sleeps cool is extremely important, as sleeping hot or waking up sweaty makes it difficult to sleep. Colder temperatures foster sleep, as the body cools down during sleep so making sure to not have any excess heat is important to go to sleep and stay asleep.

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Best Mattress for Menopause

( $1099 for a queen sized model.  Use our code Memoryfoamtalk10 to save 10% on a Voila)

Going through menopause is like going through puberty twice because your hormones seem to be revolting and turning against you when you get older.  This process is inevitable when you reach a certain age, but happens with or without your consent as it seems.

The Voila mattress provides great support, comfort, and cooling features, which is exactly what menopausal women need when getting much needed rest.

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Best Mattress for Snoring

($1399 for a Queen mattress, click here for the best price on an Avocado)

Sleeping with a partner who snores can mean many sleepless nights. It’s distracting, troublesome, and frustrating especially if you need to sleep to prepare for work the next day. Not only for the sleeper next to the snorer, but also the snorer as well when they get woken up frequently by their partner being told to stop snoring.

The Avocado utilizes springs and latex, both of which are superior materials for providing airflow and inherent coolness, along with an organic Joma wool cover which also wicks away heat.  This helps sleepers not only stay cool, but provides great support and helps reduce airway obstruction which is crucial for preventing snoring.

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Best Mattress for Athletes

best mattress for athletes, bear

($850 for a Queen mattress. Click here and enter our code: TALK50 to save $50 on a Bear)

For athletes, the key is to get your muscles to recover as quickly as possible. That’s why a mattress that is tailor-fit to athletes can be a huge boost on performance levels. Having the right mattress to provide customized and quality sleep is crucial to success as an athlete.

Athletes want to maximize recuperation and healing of muscles that are fatigued, and the Bear mattress does an excellent job of helping to relieve pain and inflammation plus improve blood circulation with the combination of excellent support and comfort as well as cooling features in the mattress.  Our top pick for the best mattress for athletes.

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Best Mattress for Acid Reflux

($1099 for a Queen mattress. Click here and enter our code: memoryfoamtalk to save $125 on a Luxi)

According to the National Sleep Foundation, in the United States alone, acid reflux or heartburn is one of the primary causes of frequently disturbed sleep. This medical condition happens when stomach acid shoots up to your esophagus and cause that burning sensation and irritation in your chest and throat – this is what frequently interferes with restful sleep.

The Luxi is recommended for acid reflux patients who would want a medium-firm bed that can be adjusted and provides the right contour and support for the upper body.

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Best Mattress for Arthritis

($899 for a Queen mattress. Click here and use our code: MFT100 to save $100 on a Layla)

If you have been constantly dealing with arthritic pain for years, you might feel that some changes need to be implemented to improve your condition.  You probably have been experiencing sleepless nights while suffering from excruciating aches and pain on your extremities and it has been very frustrating and wreaking havoc in your life.

The Layla is unique in that it has copper-infused memory foam which helps promote blood flow and circulation, which is conducive specifically for those suffering from arthritis, hip pain, and other similar conditions.

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Best Mattress for Hip Pain

($1899 for a Queen mattress. Click here for the best price on a Zenhaven)

Around 90% of people suffering from hip or joint pain experience trouble sleeping at night. There are different causes of hip pain such as muscle soreness from exercise, sciatica, pain after hip replacement surgery, tight muscles, tendonitis, hip bursitis, and the like.

Being made of organic Talalay latex, which is American-sourced, the Zenhaven is made extra softer, buoyant, and durable for comfort and maximum support.  You can flip the mattress over for a softer or firmer feel, which can help during periods of hip pain.  Our top pick for the best mattress for hip pain by far.

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Best Mattress for Pregnancy

($1099 for a Queen mattress. Click here for the lowest price available on a Loom & Leaf)

Your body is going through rapid changes when pregnant which can also cause chaos in your system and even affect your sleep cycle. Being pregnant is an exhilarating and blissful experience second to none but it also comes with a lot of challenges, physically and emotionally.  This includes the effect it has on your sleeping as mentioned.

The Loom & Leaf is very comfortable to sleep on, with the medium firmness that pregnant women need. It also has a medical-grade cooling gel layer which leaves a cool layer for you to sleep on especially because pregnant women tend to sleep hot. The top cover is elegant and with a luxurious feel to make you feel like a queen.

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Best Mattress for Scoliosis

($899 for a Queen mattress. Click here and use our code: MFT100 to save $100 on a Layla)

Having scoliosis is bad news. The curvature of the spine is not just aesthetically unflattering but also affects an individual’s health and way of life.  This is common to both sexes although women are more prone to scoliosis than men. This abnormal curve may go unnoticed at its early stages but gets be more defined as you age.

The Layla has 4 layers of memory foam which are copper-infused and bolsters its cooling properties for a more comfortable sleep and helps promote blood flow and circulation.  This is especially helpful specifically for those suffering from arthritis, hip pain, as well as scoliosis.

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Best Mattress for Back Pain

($1099 for a Queen mattress, click here for the lowest price available on a Loom & Leaf mattress)

Shopping for the best possible mattress for back pain can be an overwhelming and confusing process especially with so many options available to you. It can be a very tough process finding the perfect mattress that prevents nagging lower back pain.

The Loom and Leaf is an excellent choice for those suffering from back pain. This 12″ thick mattress is made up of 5 different layers of high quality foams and other materials including medical grade cooling gel in the comfort layer.  It provides great support as well as well as a choice of firmness options for a medium firm or firm option.

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