About Us


Hi, we are Andrew and Kaye, the creators of Memory Foam Talk. We created this site as a resource for people who are searching for the best mattress either for themselves or as a couple (like us!)

We both tried several of the leading mattresses on the market before starting this site, to little satisfaction and many sleepless nights.

We started documenting our experience trying to find a suitable mattress that met both of our needs together as a couple sharing a bed, and this site is the result of that.

Since we started last year, we have slept on over 50 of the leading and new mattresses on the market, so we feel we do have a little bit of experience with what is out there!

Before we met, Kaye, who unfortunately inherited insomnia from her father, had used several different brands of memory foam and innerspring mattresses sold in stores which she invested heavily in to varying levels of no-so-successful sleep.

Andrew, who has had chronic back and shoulder pain for years, also purchased a leading high-end memory foam mattress sold in retail stores. Then, after being unsatisfied with the purchase, began the long and often painful process of selecting a new mattress to varying levels of success.

As a couple, we hope to share our experiences with others like us who are searching for a memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattress to achieve the elusive perfect night’s sleep and doesn’t break the bank in the process.

Couples have different needs than individual sleepers.  Sleeping with a partner often means compromising on individual comfort or firmness when sharing a bed, or worrying about waking each other up when moving around during the night.

To that end, we give our opinion and recommendations as to what couples like us actually encounter when choosing a mattress.

We are real people, with real experience testing and sleeping on the memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses we have here on our site, and often disagreeing and arguing about them in the middle of the night as well!

Unlike many review sites out there, we didn’t just research and put up copies of other reviews.  Our approach of testing mattresses as a couple has resonated with many mattress companies on the market, most of which approached us asking for our opinion of their mattress.

We have slept on almost 50 mattresses since starting this site, and share our real-life experience with each of them in our reviews.

In all our reviews you can see our actual bedroom in the photos or videos so you can tell we have had these in our house and tested them in real life.  (That’s our bed right there!)

WinkBeds mattress, Queen size. 15" high!!!

WinkBeds Queen mattress in our bedroom

All our reviews are unbiased, and based on our own experience sleeping on these mattresses.  No special treatment has been given to any mattress company over another one.

We do receive small commissions from some (not all) of the mattresses we review if you purchase one after reading our review, but none provide us any incentive to recommend their bed more than the next one.

If we like a mattress, we say so. If we don’t, we say that as well.  We try to also pass on any and all discounts or coupons that these mattress companies provide as a benefit to you, our readers.

If you have any questions for either of us, feel free to contact us at any time!


Andrew & Kaye